How Your Smart Garage Door Opener Helps You 8 Ways

Smart technology has made life much easier, and if you are like most people, you enjoy having control of your home, appliances, and other things at your fingertips. Chamberlain's Liftmaster series's newest addition to the garage door openers is sure to be your favorite smart gadget.

Liftmaster first entered the world of Wi-Fi connections with MyQ technology several years ago. Using this technology, which is now on most of their openers, your iPad or smartphone can monitor or operate your garage door remotely.

Ron Burgundy, The Anchorman, Funny Gif Say What

BACKUP! Repeat that. Did you say you can be anywhere in the world and use your smartphone to open your garage door? Absolutely! Anywhere!

Wait, that's just the beginning. The LiftMaster 85503 is the first garage door opener to feature:

  • An integrated camera
  • Incoming and outgoing voice
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Access and control via smartphones and tablets

Monitor Activity in Your Garage as it Happens

The integrated, live video features:

  • Night vision
  • Activation when something moves
  • Full 360-degree viewing
  • 1080 HD video live feed

So what does all this really do?

It shows anyone coming or going through your garage.

It gives you the security of seeing your kids come home from school.

Alerts you when your neighbor picks up and returns those borrowed tools.

Let you see when the electrician arrived to make repairs and when they left.

What you can see from your smartphone device when somebody activates your garage door opener as they get through your garage door.

This is what you see on your tablet or smart device when the garage door camera is activated by action.

Essentially, you see any motion from the garage door when the camera picks up the motion.

Not after it happens, but when it happens, right then.

So, How Was the Garage Door Accessed?

You have two options for allowing others to get in your garage with the MyQ app on the Liftmaster garage door opener.

1. One time access, for a friend picking up something or a repairman:

  • Have them text or call you when they arrive.
  • You open the garage door for them.
  • After you see them enter, you close the garage door with your app.
  • When you are alerted by the person, use the app to open the door and let them out, and then close the garage door.

All that is well and good, but what if you can't be bothered at work or your phone is at your desk while you are in the bathroom? What if you just don't have time to monitor the garage app constantly?

2. No worries, give friends or visitors access through the MyQ app.

You can use any of these 3 ways to let them have access:

A little girl taking a walk with a big dog.

  1. For housekeepers or others who have set times every week, give them set time access.
  2. One-time, specific day/time access for repairs or other one-time stops.
  3. Emergency access information someone you trust should have access in the event of an emergency.

These 6 pictures give you an idea of how simple it is to set up access.

How it looks on your smartphone: LiftMaster MyQ app first lets you choose your relationship with the user you add. Then you either choose if it's a temporary, recurrent or always access.

Want to see what the screen on your phone shows? First, the MyQ app asks for the relationship to the user you are adding; then, you choose what type of access to grant: temporary, repeating, or always.

Selecting a recurring and temporary is pretty intuitive. You select a day or many days, then you select at what time each guest gets access and at what time this access ends.

Recurring access got you worried? It's self-explanatory. First, choose if it's always temporary or recurring. Next, choose the day or days and either all day or pick a start and stop time. Lastly, if you have more than one garage door, choose which door the access applies to and save.

After the setup, the new user receives an email invitation to download the app on their smartphone or tablet. Once they create their account, they will have access based on your setup, and you have peace of mind that you can watch your home.

You can set up your MyQ to send you notifications when any of the users you set up are doing and while they are doing it. If you don't use this feature, you can find these actions in your event history.

EVEN BETTER – Your invited users will not be able to see or edit:

  • History of events
  • Camera stream
  • Settings and configurations for the app
  • Commercial operators or gate openers

Here's how this works; these scenarios explain it better:

  • You pay the neighbor to walk your puppy every day from 3 to 4 pm, and it's important that it be an hour. You can use the history or watch in real-time to make sure the dog is walked, and it's an hour.
  • The housekeeper comes every Friday and says it takes 4 hours to clean your house. You can check this through the history of entering and leaving through the garage.
  • You have appliances being delivered but can't be there. Set the time and let the delivery company know you have given them access and that you will be monitoring them while they are in your home.

It sounds like something from a futuristic movie, right? You probably had no clue your garage door opener could be so smart.

Hold on to your hat; this is gonna blow you away!

Funny picture! Jakie Chan is mind blown!

You can carry on a conversation with people in your garage or even tell your furry friend hello!!!!

The Liftmaster's two-way communication system gives you:

  • Real-time two-way audio
  • Volume control, adjust as needed
  • Mute and unmute the microphone as needed

As Rachel is entering your garage door, you get notified and you can say "Hi, Rachel." and give her instructions if she is your housekeeper or say you love her if she's your mom.

Basically, if you have your notifications set to alert you, you can see when your appliances are delivered and thank the delivery team for their help.

It goes like this: The delivery man enters the garage, and you get a notification.

"Hello guys, thank you for coming by with my stove."

Then you tell them where to put the stove and where to leave the paperwork.

Or you stop them from leaving without a cold bottle of water from the fridge. Kindness goes a long way!

Make Your Home a Sanctuary of Peace with Added Security

The LiftMaster 85503 model uses the latest technology and connectivity for garage door openers to give you all the features you want:

  • Battery Backup > What is this? This means you are never locked out of your garage when the power goes out. No matter where you are if the power goes out at your home, you can open and close your garage door.
  • Detection of forced openings > What does it mean? The garaged door has electronic sensors that detect forceful openings, like a criminal trying to pry it open. When detected, the garage door literally pushes back.
  • SECURITY+ 2.0 prevents random garage access by transmitting a new access code when it senses clicks > What does it mean? Random clicks are not able to access your garage; this is often how criminals gain access. They use an older model opener and click their way through neighborhoods until they find a garage door that opens.
  • Alert-2-Close makes a sound and flashes a light when the door is closing > Why is this important? If the door is closing via a remote app and there are people standing around, they could be hurt if they don't know the door is about to close.
  • Safety Sensors > What's a safety sensor? Photo-cell safety beams, as they are also called, stop the door from closing if it encounters any obstruction.

    Two little girls playing close to a garage door while closing. The photo-cell safety beams are activated for more safety.
  • Never walk in darkness again; motion-detected lights bring the garage to life at night when you enter.

Want more amazing features you can use with your smartphone and Liftmaster 88503?

Yes, the first 4 features are cool, but we aren't finished! You need to make sure you see these:

  1. Use your smartphone from anywhere to open and close your garage door.
  2. No more hiding keys or altering your schedule to be home and let people in; give access to anyone you choose.
  3. Watch your garage right now, live, as it happens, know what's going on at all times.
  4. Communicate with people in your garage. Don't wait until the delivery company leaves to thank them, do it while they are there.

These are some other awesome things we found with our LiftMaster 88503 garage door opener:

  1. Personalize notifications. Set your notifications to come in when you want them. Every hour? Two hours? Certain users? You set them to your liking.
  2. Did you close the garage door? Check it. It's the typical Monday morning scenario, you're running late, traffic is bad, and suddenly you can't remember if you closed the garage door. You don't have time to go home, but you don't want burglars in your house. Your mind is focused on trying to remember, and you aren't paying attention to the car in front of you (or the tailgater behind you, for that matter); you're too concerned about your home's security. This should not be happening; it's the 21st century. Thankfully, with the Myq app, you can quickly check the status of the door and close it if necessary.
  3. Have your online orders delivered using in-garage deliveries. Unfortunately, stealing packages is a trend. Give yourself peace of mind about weather and package thieves.
  4. View up to 30 days of video history. Choose a 7 or 30-day online storage option with a monthly subscription. This protects and saves video footage in case you need it.
Alert Occured on your LiftMaster MyQ app: Garage door remains open 9:00 PM, Nov. 1

So, have you decided it might be time to upgrade your garage door opener?

Do you even know when your current garage door opener was installed? Any openers dated before 1993 are not safety compliant; they do not have safety sensors that are required by law. Furthermore, older garage openers used codes that can often be opened by many garage door openers made by other companies.

9% of burglars enter the home through the garage door. Now you see why you should update your garage door opener.

Worried that it's too large and won't' fit? Not quite sure you want a camera on your garage door?

No worries. Choose from other great door opener models.

Oh no, you started looking at all the different choices, and your head is spinning. I get it. Chains, drives, belts, and jackshafts can be confusing. Understanding the electrical and mechanical sides is not everyone's forte. But, here is a helpful Infographic.

Are you looking for something less complex? Call us today at 1-888-451-4040.

Atlantic Windoor Ltd specialized in garage doors and garage door openers. We will gladly take your questions and listen to your situation and combine that with your garage and budget to come up with a solution.

Maybe you're a forward thinker and want to improve the garage door while you are upgrading the garage door opener. Excellent idea. We have 3 styles to choose from that can give you the best look for your house. Or, use our Design Centre to create the door of your dreams, and while you are there, look through our gallery of pictures.

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