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Construction jobs requiring garage doors and overhead doors are not all identical in their specifications. For your needs, we are able to support your work with clear specifications that enable you to get just the right products to the site. Even if you need many doors, and all with different dimensions and hardware, we will be able to supply the project. Of course, it all begins with the application and intended use of the doors, and this we also help you to carefully evaluate.

When choosing the garage door or overhead door system we review all of your needs by posing several key questions:

1) What sort of traffic will the door experience?

To gauge any risk of wear and tear or breakdown, examine the type of vehicle and groups of people putting the doors to work each day.

2) Will insulation and/or weather-tightness be an essential component?

Whether it is to keep energy costs low or ensure to provide the most efficient function, consider the size of the doors, their need for motors, and whether the accessories chosen will have energy usage implications.

3) How often each day or week will the doors be put to work?

It matters just how often the doors are opened and closed daily or weekly. Choosing the right hardware (tracks & counterweight system) and door openers means also considering just what you ask of each component on a daily basis.

4) Will there be a need for extra security or safety functions?

You will always want the safest doors, but do you need to worry about any additional risks for accidents or vandalism when trusting any set of doors.

5) Just how much natural light is needed and will just one window provide enough of it?

When opting for more natural light, it will mean more windows. More windows does mean a decrease in thermal resistance and even security. When security or heat/cooling are important, one small window (for example 533 X 203 mm, 21 x 8 in.) installed from the inside is likely to meet your needs.

6) Any special conditions that must be dealt with?

From something as simple as heavy winds and corrosive air to risk of explosion, car or truck wash pressures, and more… you must consider any special exceptions that apply to your project.

With those issues out of the way, it is much easier to calculate the dimensions and specifications on the doors. The process looks like this:

1) You will need the distances between the floor and ceiling, meaning beneath the rafters. Alternately, take the measurement from the first obstruction that the garage door or the overhead door is going to meet along its path. Any door must have adequate clearance on the way to the ceiling.

2) You must keep in mind that the minimum distance between two doors (side by side) is 457 mm (18 in.).

3) When doors are fitted with electric door openers and/or accessories, an electrical engineer may need to be consulted. Maximum door efficiency comes only with the highest voltage.

These factors help with specifications, but what type of door
is best for your job?

1) Rolling Steel Doors – Fire Rated:

Maybe a rolling steel door (a door divided into two sections within you’re the building) is suitable? Perhaps you need one that offers fire resistance rating of more than 45 minutes? This might be the right type for you.

2) Sectional Doors:

This is the most commonly used style in Canada, with over 90% of the sectional garage doors being made from 26-gauge, galvanized steel. At 1 ¾" or 45mm in thickness and injected with polyurethane foam, they deliver premium insulation. This polyurethane sticks to the walls of the door too, improving their rigidity and ensuring that they have twice the strength of doors using polystyrene insulation.

3) High-Speed Doors:

These are PVC doors that operate at 60" per second. They easily divide two interior spaces in any building.

4) Loading Dock Doors:

Overhead doors used for any loading/unloading dock applications tend to also have a wider array of options. These include: hydraulic docks, mechanical docks, platform lifts, and more. Naturally, they also have many safety accessories to ensure they are premium garage doors and overhead doors.

Whether your project requires rolling door, sectional garage door, high-speed door, strip door, pass-door, all‑glass door, loading dock, or wicket door solutions, you can find all you need through Atlantic Windoor Ltd. With years of experience and the most highly qualified installation technicians, we ensure that you will enjoy optimal results and stress free functions for years, simply by selecting an overhead door system through us.

When you take the time to identify the right components and features, you enjoy a more efficient and long-wearing door. You won't struggle with breakdowns and you will enjoy the benefits of a sturdier door that has less need for repair. You may even find that choosing a sturdier door doubles the durability while coming in at around 15% more than the standard market price.

To make things even more appealing, we provide a Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP). This is a program that features planned preventive maintenance meant to guarantee the finest operation of your overhead doors, eliminating any interruptions in service and providing years of efficiency. Talk to us about our annual maintenance contracts.

You can reach our sales representatives or Technical Service personnel at 1-888-451-4040 for Saint John and at 506-455-3667 for Fredericton from 7:30 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Proudly serving Fredericton, Saint John and surrounding areas.

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