September 13, 2016

Turning your garage into a playroom

How to turn your garage into a fun playroom

How to turn your garage into a fun playroom

Garages…we love to have them, but then we also struggle to use them effectively, efficiently or even at all! When you have empty or poorly utilized garage space, you have options, and one of our staff opted to create a safe playroom for her growing family. Preparing to welcome her daughter into the world, and living with her active two year-old son, she felt that this project would offer so many benefits that it was a no-brainer.

We agreed and wanted her to share the details of the project to demonstrate how easily you can reclaim and repurpose your garage spaces. Even more exciting to learn was that she and her husband managed it in just a few days and without breaking the bank.

Q: So, why turn a garage into a play space?

Convert your garage to a playroom

A: I know, we got that question so many times, and then people saw it and agreed it was an excellent idea! We had a bit of a unique situation in that our property had two garage spaces, and while we used one to park cars, the other began to collect junk and become a bit neglected. So, why not convert it?

Then came the real question – what to turn that space into? We had a few thoughts but it was basically just looking at the tiny yard, the proximity of the street to it, and the heavy winters we endure…after that, the idea of making an indoor play space was the obvious answer. Picturing our toddlers kicking balls around and running until they were tired, and all in the middle of winter…well, it was perfect.

Q: How did you paint the concrete walls such great colours?

A: There are many brands of concrete and garage floor paint designed just for our conditions. We chose to use Behr premium Concrete & Garage Floor Paint because it was the best price at the time, and because we had so many bright colours to choose from. Almost any hardware or big box home project store carries them.

Garage Floor Paint

Q: How can you keep the garage warm all winter?

A: Fortunately, our garages have well-insulated doors. They are the Cambridge doors that feature thermal resistance of R-16, and combined with the good design and insulation of the garage, we didn’t ever struggle much with cold conditions. We also have heating systems already in place, so we just turn them on if things get too brisk.

Q: What about the garage door opener/remote? Is it in reach of your children?

A: Actually, we disconnected the opener. Yes, the kids can reach the wall control panel, but because everything is currently disabled, the doors cannot be accidentally opened. This is purely for safety, and it is super easy to reconnect the system later on.

Q: You said the project did not break the bank. So, where did you get the storage and other gear for your playroom? (Floor mats, toys…)

A: IKEA is an amazing resource for storage products. The key is to plan exactly how you are going to use their stuff. If you don’t it can be an overwhelming experience. I also recommend looking at sites like Pinterest for ideas of how to use different IKEA products for storage.

When we considered the flooring, we knew we would paint, but we also wanted safe and padded flooring. That is why we went with the iconic puzzle floor mats. They lock together and come in primary colours. You can find them at a surprising number of places like Walmart and Home Depot, but school supply vendors, Toys R Us, Canadian Tires and even online options like Amazon have them too.

For kid-friendly décor, we chose wall stickers purchased from DeSerres, a Canadian Arts and Crafts store. Americans can turn to Michaels and other crafts vendors for wall stickers like ours.

Playroom where they love being in

Does this appeal to you? Do you have some ideas you would like to share with us? Please give us some feedback and share this article with others!

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