June 17, 2020

She Shed dreaming? Here’s how to create your very own space without breaking the bank

After generations of providing spaces for everyone else in the family, at last, a concept has emerged that gives a woman a personal space of her own: the “she‑shed.”

Children have long had playrooms and there are family rooms and dens for the entire family.

Of course, the “man cave” is the designated base for those of the masculine gender.

She shed

When asked which room in a house is dedicated to the needs and nurture of a woman, the often‑repeated—and quite unfortunate—reply is “the kitchen.” 🙄

Recently, however, the notion of a designated location expressly designed for the relaxation, inspiration, and renewal of women has emerged in the form of the she‑shed.

The intention of a she‑shed is to provide a personally designed sanctuary, established to enable a woman to enjoy those interests that are unique to her. It’s meant to be a place for isolation or entertainment, a private haven.

Where to put the shed

In considering exactly where a she‑shed might best be placed, there are several pertinent questions.

For instance, can this private space be located outside of the dwelling for maximum privacy? Is there an obvious location, for example, an existing shed or outbuilding that can be used? Is a detached or attached garage available? It’s important to note that obtaining the best space for a she‑shed will likely entail relocating possessions and repurposing living space.

Along with repurposing a space, many times, additional basic changes are needed, like wiring the shed, running plumbing to it, or paving a sidewalk.

Structural changes may be required, such as adding windows, skylights, doors, and eaves. When the need for these building requirements becomes apparent, it’s important to determine whether or not municipal permits or inspections will be required.

Once you’ve decided on the right space, chances are you’ll discover many items that need to be stored, moved, or discarded.

While some of us consider this a dreaded burden, it may also be seen as a part of the renewal process that accompanies creating a she‑shed.

When you think of those possessions that are “in the way,” you can ask whether or not you need to retain them for sentimental reasons or you can let go of them.

Inside a she shed

If you are willing to let go, you have several options. A nice garage sale could help defray the expense of preparing the she‑shed. There are also many Internet options available to sell personal items. Non‑profits, such as Goodwill, will accept donations and some even come to pick up larger items.

Designing your She‑Shed inside and out

Very few good ideas fail because of too much planning. On the other hand, a great many folks charge into demolition, building, and occupying a room without giving sufficient thought to precisely how a precious space should be completed and all the steps toward achieving that completion.

For this reason, a detailed plan of how the she‑shed will look and function should be created, and the steps required to complete the construction and decoration should be laid out carefully as well.

Your plans should literally cover every corner, crevice, inch of the she‑shed, and take into consideration how the current space might best be used.

While it may sound more like a delay than a part of the process, making such a plan will actually prove to be inspiring.

It will compel you to ask some really important questions about the she‑shed’s ultimate purpose in your life. Planning these details will inevitably result in expanding your vision to include wider possibilities for the shed’s design and intention. A clear vision of what the shed is meant to be will also spur an enhanced desire to complete the project.

Laying out the details of the she‑shed will help you understand what you can do yourself, what you’ll need help with, and who you’ll need to help you. It will enable you to make a realistic budget and maintain control of your costs as you go through the process.

Getting personal with your She‑Shed

Now for the fun part. Your goal is to make the she‑shed uniquely yours so that every aspect of it is a reflection of you as an individual, of what pleases you, of what inspires and renews you.

You’ll decide the overall style of the shed. As an exterior building, do you want it to mirror the style of your home, or do you want it to stand out and be distinct?

She shed

Is lighting a huge concern to be determined as you go into the construction of your shed? How much natural light do you want, and from what direction will that light be coming? How will you channel natural light into the shed, through windows, glass doors, or skylights? What sort of artificial light will you need to accomplish what you want to do inside during the day, or after dark? How will the natural light interact with the interior light? Will it achieve the effect you want?

What furnishings and accessories will you use to make the shed functional and to give it just the atmosphere you’re intending? Do you have furniture and appointments available now that you’d like to relocate to the shed for your permanent, personal use? What sort of a budget do you have for furnishings and design items?

It’s important to remember, for those moments when you are stumped about what you need or where to find an item in a particular style, there are many Internet sites that can be searched for ideas and inspiration as well as décor. Pinterest and HOUZZ are two of them.

You’ll find it important to make certain the exterior appearance of your she‑shed “holds hands” with the interior.

Attention to landscaping, exterior and interior window treatments, color schemes, and external accessories will help set the tone that will be completed on the inside of your shed.

Inside a she shed

You may want to ask, what do I want to feel every time I see my shed? What do I want my friends and visitors to feel when they see my she‑shed?

This leads to the most important question of all for you to ask yourself: how do I want to feel when I’m inside my she‑shed? Will the plans I’ve made give me that feeling? Reflecting on your plans will serve as a good barometer for the potential success you’ll feel once your she‑shed is complete.

One last consideration about the function and appearance of your She‑Shed

Virtually every free‑standing building and every detached or attached garage can be made more beautiful and accessible with the inclusion of all‑glass doors.

Often we hold incorrect assumptions about garage doors. For instance, we may think a building the size of a shed is too small for a garage door, or that replacing or installing doors is too difficult or costly. The reality is that Garage has great expertise in garage doors of all sizes and all types of installations.

She shed with an all-glass garage door

It’s also the case that glass garage doors—also called “panoramic doors”— have the ability to total transform a special room like a she‑shed with just the right amount of abundant natural light.

Properly installed and positioned panoramic doors not only add to the esthetic quality of the building but make climate control simple and comfortable.

On pleasant days, garage doors can be opened to offer wide access to the outdoors. When the weather is not suitable, these doors offer perfect environmental control. Our door spaces need to be no more than 4’ wide and 6 ½’ tall.

Our Garaga California doors are made of extruded aluminum and come in a multitude of colors and layouts.

Available glass for our panoramic doors come in a variety of colors, including satin grey or black, blue or bronze tint, as well as clear.

To find out more about panoramic doors, to discuss installation or receive an estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us toll‑free at 1-888-451-4040. We also encourage you to visit our design centre or take a look at our image gallery. If already have that perfect she‑shed planned out and we can help you with your project, we’ll be glad to supply an email quotation.

Good luck! We hope you enjoy everything about your new project!

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