Reasons to replace your old (or not) garage door opener

The right motor for your garage door opener

Your garage door opener is going to show signs of wear with age, just like any other electric equipment in your home. Since most homes have an attached garage, this becomes the primary point of entry. As such, garage doors are so frequently used that it can be hard to pinpoint an exact lifespan.

The product and brand quality will also affect how long it lasts. Low-end garage door systems won’t offer as long of a lifespan as a more expensive model. Those who want a balance of quality and affordability can check out the LiftMaster Elite Series.

There are a number of factors that affect the decision to replace your existing garage door system, and age is only one of them. A typical system will provide about 10-15 years of use, but there are also plenty of reasons to upgrade sooner.

For one, new regulations or technological advances come along much more often than once per decade. For example, California now requires all door systems to include a special battery backup after the devastating wildfires of 2017 and 2018 caused widespread power outages that cut most people off from their garages.

How to determine how old your opener is

If you’ve never replaced your garage door opener, how long have you lived in your home? If it has been longer than 10 years, you need to consider a replacement. You don’t know how long it was there before you moved in, after all, so it’s likely close to being on its last legs. If you have no idea how old the system is, you can find out fairly easily.

The most obvious way to narrow down the generation of your system is to check for the photoelectric reverse system. If your door doesn’t have this emergency feature, it was manufactured before 1993 and definitely needs replaced.

If you want to know the exact age of your garage door opener and its motor, climb up to the box and look for the manufacture date, which should be near the serial and model numbers. Again, if this reveals that the system is older than the standard lifespan of an opener or that it’s getting close, you need to consider a replacement. If your system is making any strange noises or showing other signs of age, you need to address those immediately to prevent premature damage or wear.

How long a garage door opener lasts depends entirely on how often it is used and whether it is properly maintained. As with any appliance or piece of equipment, you have to service the door system regularly and keep it in clean, working order to get the longest life out of your investment. Keep in mind, also, that your torsion or extension springs will only last for about five to seven years, so you’ll want to replace those to prevent unnecessary wear to your opener.

Don’t wait until it’s too old

Age is a primary reason that most people report replacing their garage door opener. However, there are plenty of other reasons to get a new garage door system, and they are all valid.

Five reasons you might upgrade despite age

Garage door openers have been made by a number of manufacturers that have come and gone over the years. Having a system that is no longer manufactured is going to be difficult to maintain. We prefer companies like Chamberlain and LiftMaster, which have over 60 years in the business with a proven track record of success.

Safety is another great reason to upgrade your garage door before its time. Beyond making sure your door has the necessary sensors, you can find other safety features that will give you peace of mind. It may have taken over a decade for them to make the automatic reversal system mandatory after it was first created, but today the industry moves much faster. If you want to protect your family, upgrading is a good choice.

Even something as simple as excess noise during operation can be reason enough to replace your door. Today’s models use smooth rubber belts that are reinforced with metal for durability. Plus, there are models like jackshaft wall-mounted garage door openers, which create less noise transfer than a system mounted to the ceiling.

Along with safety features, security is a big reason that people upgrade their garage door opener before it completely runs out of steam. Newer PIN code systems have nearly infinite combinations, making them almost impossible to crack.

LiftMaster/Chamberlain has this kind of PIN code technology, protecting your home from robbery and other risks. You can also use the MyQ System to monitor your door. Imagine being en route to the airport when you realize you left the garage door open. With this system, you can get on your phone, close your door through the app, and go right back to vacation mode.

Can you help me choose?

Visit our local Fredericton showroom and see for yourself in our image gallery. Our comprehensive Design Centre provides a great look at custom door solutions. You can also call us at 1-888-451-4040 for our Saint John division, or at 506-455-3667 for Fredericton to discuss your needs. We can provide you with an emailed quotation and estimate of the work. Our experienced technicians can provide advice and assistance in a number of different ways.

You can check out everything that we have to offer, including our line of LiftMaster openers and a number of models to choose from. Many systems even have a battery backup that allows for use during a power outage. Contact us today to learn more and find out what a new garage door opener can do for you.

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