9 Benefits of replacing your garage door

Get a new garage door

Of course, replacing a garage door is an investment, but we believe the benefits outweigh the cost. We’ve come up with a list of what we think are the top nine benefits of replacing your garage door. We’re sure you’ll agree!

  • Increased curb appeal

    Garage doors located at the front of homes make up a large portion of your home’s façade. Therefore, if your garage door is ugly with patches of rusted metal and flaking paint, it’s all people are going to see. Opting for a new, low-maintenance garage door can really tie together the overall look of your home and increase your curb appeal tenfold.

  • Increased value

    Improving your curb appeal naturally leads to increasing your home’s value, especially when you make a wise investment such as a new, low-maintenance garage door that will look good for years to come.

  • Increased safety

    If you have had the same garage door since before 1993, the chances are that it is not equipped with a photoelectric reversal systems. These systems became mandatory over twenty years ago, and sense when something is in the way of the door opening, preventing nasty injuries. Stay safe and upgrade your door!

  • Increased comfort

    If you’re planning on actually spending time in your garage to work on projects, a well-insulated door will make you an awful lot more comfortable.

  • Reduced maintenance

    Having to repaint your garage door every spring because the paint is chipped is no fun. Invest in a new, low-maintenance garage door and say goodbye to your least favourite chore!

  • Reduced heating and cooling bills

    Your garage door investment will soon pay for itself through lower heating and cooling bills when you opt for a properly insulated and airtight R‑16 garage door.

  • Protection from damage

    Protect your prized possessions from extreme heat and cold with a well-insulated garage door.

  • Protection from theft

    Old metal and wooden doors do not pose a great challenge to thieves. Protect your prized possessions from theft with a new 1.75-inch-thick garage door with metal skin both on the front and the back.

  • Protect your home

    Stop intruders from entering your home via your garage by investing in a new garage door with rolling code technology (each time you use the door opener a new code is generated making it harder for intruders to gain access). There’s even an app you can use to control the door from anywhere with an internet connection!

To conclude

A new garage door is an investment, but definitely a worthwhile one. Increase your home’s value, security and curb appeal, increase the safety of your garage, reduce your utility bills, reduce maintenance time, and protect your home and possessions in one fail swoop!

If you’re considering buying a new garage door, get in touch at 506-633-6604. We respond to all service calls in a matter of hours. If you prefer, you can also send us a request for a free quote online.

If you haven’t already, why not play around with our Design Centre tool? it can help you find the right door for your style.

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